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Auto, Home, and Personal Insurance

Husband, Wife, Daughter, and Son Stand Smiling at the Camera in Front of their HomeCliff Heath Insurance provides the personal, auto, and homeowners insurance Mt. Pleasant, SC residents trust. Our insurance agents will help you find the plan that will protect your closest and most valuable assets. With our coverage plans, you will be able to rest easy knowing that everything is protected. Our plans also include protection for personal possessions and liabilities. Insurance will offer you safety and security for all of your assets and liabilities. Our insurance agents will listen to what you are searching for and deliver a set of options that will fulfill your needs. We believe that our customer service is just as important as the services that we provide. All of our insurance agents are dedicated to listening to all of your questions and concerns. They will make sure that your answers are fully answered before you make a final decision on a policy. We are happy to answer any questions you have about insurance; our experienced insurance agents will know how to help. With our strong emphasis on quality customer service, Cliff Heath Insurance is right for all of your home, auto, business, and personal insurance needs. Let us find the right policy to protect you from any potential risks.

At Cliff Heath Insurance, we offer the homeowners insurance Mt. Pleasant, SC residents can count on. We offer a variety of other insurance options for cars, personal liabilities, and businesses. Some of the benefits of insurance include peace of mind and financial security. There are a number of situations that may arise in which insurance would be beneficial. While we hope that none of our clients will be involved in one of these scenarios, we hope that by securing insurance with us, we may be able to help you through. When problems arise, insurance will provide some financial support to help you through. Without insurance coverage, finances can become strained during life’s curves, which are already a stressful situation. Insurance is a way to eliminate extra stress in those situations. We offer great insurance options for people who already carry insurance, as well as people who are currently uninsured. Please call us today for more information on all of our plans and options. Even if you currently have a plan, we may be able to find a comparable plan with more affordable rates. Call us today to talk to one of our professional representatives! We look forward to helping you find the auto, life, business, personal or homeowners insurance solution that is right for you!

Cliff Heath Insurance provides the following types of personal insurance protection:

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