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2014 Charleston Hurricane Season Has Arrived

We are well into Charleston hurricane season and it is time to provide a refresher on hurricane safety and preparation. Do you have the proper homeowners insurance?  e have been fortunate over the past number of years. Hurricane Hugo caused over 7 billion dollars of damage. There’s no way of knowing. Even during an inactive season, a single storm can leave its mark on history....

Charleston Renters Need Insurance Too

Why Renters Insurance? There are many people moving into South Carolina and specifically Charleston every day. Many are looking for a home. Even if you don't own a home, you still have a lot at risk. After all, look around your apartment; you own clothes, electronics, furniture, tools, jewelry, and a lot more. renters insurance from  Cliff Heath Insurance can help protect your assets without...

Finding the Best Charleston Homeowners’ Insurance Policy

How do you find the best homeowners insurance policy in Charleston , South Carolina? There are certain rules to finding the “best deal.” The best deal must have a premium that is reasonable in cost, and that will provide you with the most coverage for the lowest price. There are many people who will never have to file a claim, and these are the lucky...

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